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General terms and conditions Kalon BVBA

1. Contact details of Kalon bvba

Kalon bvba – Hertog Jan

Loppemsestraat 52

BE 8210 Zedelgem (Bruges)


VAT number: BE 0881.906.875

Hereafter referred to as “Kalon bvba”.

2. Content and framework of the contract

§1 These general terms and conditions are applicable to every offer by Kalon bvba and to every contract agreed at a distance between the Client and Kalon bvba via the website, related websites where products and services of Kalon bvba can be purchased and/or booked (such as, for example,, or by phone (hereafter referred to as “distance selling”). This contract can cover the purchase of products and/or the booking of services.

§2 These general terms and conditions have priority over possible general conditions of purchase of the Client, the application of which is excluded explicitly.

§3 The Client can take note of the general terms and conditions by clicking on the link on the website or in the booking and order screens. These general terms and conditions are made available on a sustainable carrier (PDF), which can be saved and/or printed without alterations by the Client, so the Client can easily consult them afterwards. During the purchase process, the Client is also asked explicitly to acknowledge that he has taken note of the general terms and conditions and to accept these without reservation. He does so by ticking the box provided for this reason.

§4 With distance selling via the phone, these general terms and conditions are sent along as a link in the confirmation e-mail.

3. Prices and the creation of the contracts

§1 The purchase process is started from the moment the Client confirms a booking and/or places products in the shopping basket in the web shop. The contract starts at the moment when the Client ticks the box to accept these terms and conditions and gives final confirmation of his order and/or booking.

§2 The products and services that the Client can purchase via the Internet are described in sufficient detail, in the web shop itself or on, in order to allow the Client to make a correct evaluation of the product or the service. If the Client is not certain about the content of the service or the product that he wishes to purchase via the Internet, it is up to the Client to ask for further information from Kalon bvba, and this prior to purchase.

§3 Prices published on the website are placed there with the utmost care. However, possible errors in these prices do not bind Kalon bvba for as long as the distance purchase is not completed. Once the distance selling is finalised, the prices as listed in the order overview are applicable. All promotions are valid while stocks last.

§4 The price of the promotion is not necessarily an all-in price. Consumptions or options can still be consumed in addition by the Client on site and will then be charged at the going prices. For example, consumption of beverages and food is never included in the price, unless mentioned otherwise. Options that are included in the offer will always be mentioned clearly and exhaustively.

4. Grace period and right to withdrawal

§1 The Client, in the capacity of a natural person, in the case of a purchase for non-professional use, holds the right to waive the purchase, without payment of a fine and without giving a reason, within 14 calendar days from the day following the delivery of the good or of entering the service contract. The Client only needs to cover the cost of returning the goods.

§2 In the following cases, the Client does not have the right to withdrawal from the purchase:
– Services for which the execution was started before the end of the grace period with the agreement of the Client.
– Goods that are made according to the consumer’s specifications or that have a personal character.
– Goods that cannot be returned due to their nature.
– Goods that can spoil or age very fast.
Concretely, this means that in the case of a distance purchase at Kalon bvba, the Client does not hold the right to waive the purchase in the following cases:
– The Client makes the booking or places an order in the capacity of trader or for professional use.
– The Client purchases a gift voucher and this has been consumed already at the moment when the Client wishes to call upon his right to withdrawal.
– The Client has ordered a gift voucher and has indicated that this should be delivered at home. The cost of creation cannot be recalled given the fact that these vouchers are personalised.
– The delivered goods containing foods.
– The Client orders/books a service less than 14 calendar days in advance.

§3 If the Client wishes to call upon his right to withdrawal, he must submit his request, in writing and within the withdrawal period, to Kalon bvba, Loppemsestraat 52
BE 8210 Zedelgem (Bruges), Belgium or via

5. Deposit and cancellation rules

§1 Upon entering distance selling, it may be required that a deposit or part of the complete amount is paid, or that credit card details that legally belong to the Client are provided as a deposit. Cancellation rules are applicable here.

§2 If a deposit is asked for, the ultimate payment date, which can depend on the moment of ordering, will be communicated to the Client.

§3 If the deposit has not been received within the set time, Kalon bvba holds the right to stop the contract unilaterally and without further notice.

§4 In case the Client opts to pay directly online, Kalon bvba holds the right to stop the contract unilaterally if the payment is not completed successfully within 30 minutes after confirming the purchase.

§5 In case the Client gives credit card details as a deposit, Kalon bvba holds the right to stop the contract unilaterally if these details prove to be invalid or if they do not belong to the Client.

§6 In case of a distance purchase via telephone, payment of the deposit or giving credit card details results in an irrevocable acceptance of these terms and conditions by the Client.

§7 In case the Client cancels his order; the following cancellation rules are applied:
In case of purchase of goods or in case a deposit as asked for effectively:
– If the Client cancels the delivery of the products or services more than 7 calendar days in advance, he will get a complete refund of the deposit.
– If the Client cancels the delivery of the products or services between 7 and 4 calendar days in advance, he will get a 50% refund of the deposit.
– If the Client cancels the delivery of the products or services less than 4 calendar days in advance, the full amount will be charged as administration cost. If credit card details were provided as a deposit, the correct amount will be credited based on these details. If this is not possible for some reason (incorrect details, insufficient funds) the applicable amount will be invoiced directly to the Client.
In case no effective deposit was requested:
– If the Client cancels the delivery of the products or services less than 24 hours in advance (for a booking, this is the confirmed arrival time), an administration cost of €50 per person will be charged. Also, in case the Client comes with fewer people than foreseen without timely notification, this will be regarded as a late cancellation and this administration cost per missing person will be charged. If credit card details were provided as a deposit, the correct amount will be credited based on these details. If this is not possible for some reason (incorrect details, insufficient funds) the applicable amount will be invoiced directly to the Client.

§8 The cancellation rules are always applied. The Client can in no case call upon force majeure (i.e. accident, bad weather, illness, death, impediment, etc.).

§9 Cancellations can only be done via the booking system, the links in the confirmation e-mails provided for this reason or by telephone. A cancellation is only valid once it has been confirmed via e-mail by Kalon bvba.

§10 Arriving late or failing to arrive (no-show) for a booking that was made will always be regarded as a late cancellation and gives Kalon bvba the irrevocable right to apply the cancellation rules and to claim the costs.

§11 If (a part) of the deposit is owed to the Client; this is placed on a credit bill for the Client. With a next order, this credit will be used. The Client always holds the right to ask for the effective reimbursement of this credit. Interests are never due on deposits and credit.

6. Confirmations and reminders

§1 When placing an order and/or booking, the Client will always receive confirmation via e-mail in case a valid e-mail address was entered and potentially confirmation via SMS.

§2 For the collection of goods or the execution of the services, the Client will receive a reminder via e-mail and/or SMS, except if the Client indicated that he does not want to receive any reminders.

§3 The Client cannot opt to not receive payment reminders if the deposit is not paid directly online.

§4 The effective delivery of confirmations and/or reminders by e-mail and/or SMS can never be guaranteed 100% for technical reasons. As a result, failing to receive a confirmation or reminder can never be called upon as a reason for breaking the contract. If the Client does not receive a specific confirmation or reminder, he can always contact Kalon bvba with the request to resend it.

7. Applicable law and liability

§1 This contract is subjected solely to Belgian law.

§2 When disputes occur, solely the courts of West Flanders (Belgium) are authorised.

§3 The Client who makes a booking or places an order will be held liable by Kalon bvba.

Privacy and data

This website is the property of Hertog Jan – Kalon B.V.B.A.

1. Liability and access to the website

The information provided on this website can in no possible way result in rights or liability. The services and documents on this website were composed based on ‘best sources’; however, these can be dated and may no longer correspond to the actual facts. The level of being up-to-date of the offered information must be interpreted in relation to the publication date. Links that are included on this website and that refer to other websites solely aim to offer further information. Hertog Jan – Kalon B.V.B.A. is not responsible for the content of these websites and can in no possible way be held liable for information offered in any possible way on these websites. Hertog Jan – Kalon B.V.B.A. does not guarantee that this website is free of viruses or other harmful components.

2. Protection of privacy

Hertog Jan – Kalon B.V.B.A. places great importance on the privacy of the users. Although most information on this website is available without having to provide personal details, it is possible that the user is asked to provide personal information. In this case, the information will be handled in accordance with the stipulations of the law of 8 December 1992 concerning the processing of personal details. As a result of the stipulations of this law, you are entitled to consult, change and remove all details linked to your name in accordance with the conditions provided in the law. You can always, free of charge and upon request, protest against the use of your details for direct marketing. In order to exercise this right, you can contact Hertog Jan – Kalon B.V.B.A. via the following e-mail address: Simply by the fact of completing a form with personal details on this website or by placing an order, the customer authorises Hertog Jan – Kalon B.V.B.A. to process these personal details and to use these for internal business management. The term “internal business management” includes customer administration, order management, deliveries, invoicing, services, follow-up of solvency, as well as marketing and personalised publicity. In case of the use of your personal details (for example e-mail) for direct marketing, you are entitled at any moment, free of charge and without having to provide any reason, to protest the further such use of your details. Hertog Jan – Kalon B.V.B.A. will do everything possible to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of your details, and to act specifically against any change, deletion, distribution or unauthorised access to/of the details. For further information, the customer can turn to the public register that is kept by the Commission for the Protection of Privacy.

3. Property rights

The intellectual property rights with regards to this website and the services all belong solely to Hertog Jan – Kalon B.V.B.A.. It is strictly prohibited to copy, adapt, translate, make public or any other use, partial or full adaptation of this website, in any possible form or any possible way, without prior and written approval by Hertog Jan – Kalon B.V.B.A.. The names, logos and other signs that are used on this website, including the logo and the name of Hertog Jan – Kalon B.V.B.A., are legally protected brands and/or trademarks. The use of any of these or similar signs is strictly prohibited without prior and written permission by the owner. An infringement on these rights can result in civil or criminal prosecution.

4. General sales & service conditions

The use of our services is subjected to our general sales conditions and general service conditions, which are available upon request or which can be consulted via our website. Any dispute with regards to the website of Hertog Jan – Kalon B.V.B.A. is subjected to the application of the Belgian law. In case of a dispute, the only courts that are authorised will be those in the legal district where Hertog Jan – Kalon B.V.B.A. has its registered offices.