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Gert & Joachim

Gert and Joachim took over Brasserie Hertog Jan in 2005, and a gastronomic success story was born. Today they welcome you to a Michelin 3-star restaurant in a unique setting just outside the city of Bruges.



Gert De Mangeleer took over Hertog Jan with his culinary soulmate Joachim Boudens in 2005. Building on his experience working for top chefs in Belgium, Gert transformed the restaurant’s traditional kitchen into something more refreshing, even revolutionary.

Focusing on the ways flavours, structures and contrasts take shape, Gert makes sure that his dishes stimulate all the senses and carry his signature style. Hertog Jan was awarded its first Michelin star in 2006. The second followed in 2009 and the third in 2011.

Gert received the European Chef of the Year award in 2014.

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Joachim Boudens was voted First Sommelier of Belgium in the prestigious Prosper Montagne contest in 2005, the same year he took over Hertog Jan with Gert. The duo have been a refreshing presence in the Belgian gastronomic world ever since, championing their motto, “driven by simplicity”.

In 2012 Joachim became the Belgian Beer Ambassador for 2013, highlighting another of his passions: pairing food with beer. As the host of Hertog Jan, he ensures you have a perfect, and preferably surprising, match with the creations that come out of the kitchen.

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The restaurant

At the end of 2010 Joachim and Gert took the next step in the execution of their philosophy by buying their own farm in Zedelgem, close to the city of Bruges. Here, they grow their own vegetables, fruits and flowers. In July 2014 the restaurant opened at the same location.


The Project

The wide variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers grown on the farm in Zedelgem are used in many of Chef Gert De Mangeleer’s signature dishes.

The long-term vision was to transfer the entire restaurant to the same location and integrate it with the historical farm and its surroundings. The garden, which can be experienced while dining, is the departure point for the guests’ journey of discovery. And just like the dishes created in the kitchen, the garden changes with the seasons.

The new location opened in July 2014. Take a look at our photo album to see how the location has evolved over the last four years.


The Building

The 180-year-old barn has been completely renovated and refurbished to host the beating heart of the new Hertog Jan – the kitchen. The new addition hosts the restaurant with a view over the surrounding garden and landscape.

The complete concept was created by the office of architect Dries Bonamie.

The Shop

Take the Hertog Jan experience home with a gift voucher and discover Gert & Joachim’s secrets in their latest books.

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The Partners

For the last decade we have been on a quest to find partners who not only share our philosophy, but also deliver top quality every day of the year.

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