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22 December 2018…

Maybe you’ve already read it in the newspapers or on social media: 22 December 2018 is the very last day that we will pamper our guests at Hertog Jan together with our team.

We would like to share this special moment with you. We’ve celebrated the success and peak moments of Hertog Jan together. We realise all too well that without you Hertog Jan would never have become what it is today and we are extremely grateful for that.

We’ve always been dreamers: first we wanted our own business, then a first Michelin star, after that we dreamed of three stars and of a restaurant with an international reputation. Our biggest dream has always been to stop with Hertog Jan at the pinnacle of our career.

This is not the end, but a new beginning. We’re bursting with fresh ideas, are more creative than ever and are itching to write a new story. In the first place we want to further develop our L.E.S.S. concept. We are definitely not turning our backs on gastronomy. On the contrary, we think that we can even transcend our current level and are dreaming of a place where we can still give our very best every now and then. But not in the traditional setting of a restaurant and only when we feel like it.

We have pushed back boundaries time and again since 2002 and together with our team we have done our utmost every day to bring Hertog Jan to its current level. We have experienced unique moments, met inspiring people but we have also missed out on and sacrificed a lot.
Every now and then, we would simply like to enjoy the little things in life: picking the kids up from school, eating together in the evening, a little more time to play tennis… We long for the flexibility to organise our schedules and our work differently.

We bear you in our hearts at this emotional time.
See you soon when we will toast to the future together!

Gert & Joachim